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    About the Business

    Wellness and Wealth Consulting Services is an organization that empowers millennial business owners in the wellness and beauty industries to increase their revenue and combat “survivor’s remorse.” The goal is to encourage clients to enjoy their wealth and success unapologetically. During the W&W experience, you will leave with your own personalized guide for success to develop a better understanding about ways that you can generate revenue and enhance your enterprise. In addition, you will engage in mindset work to combat any guilt that may have surfaced during your entrepreneurial journey.

    Meet The Coach: Shawnessa Devonish

    Owner and CEO of Rejuvenated Minds Therapeutic Services

    Owner and CEO of Wellness and Wealth Consulting Services

    Creator of the Caribbean Vibes and Therapy T-Shirt

    Three Streams of Income 

    Featured in more than 10 Media Publications including the New York Post, Yahoo, XO Necole, and Bustle

    Four Podcast Interviews

    One Radio Interview

    During her journey as a Therapist, she discovered that many people prioritize two main things: WELLNESS and WEALTH. After this discovery, she decided to allocate her focus towards helping business owners enhance in these two areas. In addition, she helps clients engage in mindset work to combat “survivor remorse.” This empowers clients to become more comfortable and confident with wealth and success. She prides herself on not only encouraging clients to set goals but, also EXECUTING their plans since a plan without execution equates to….NOTHING !


    1: 1 Coaching (via Zoom) : $150 for 60 minutes

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    Wellness and Wealth Consulting Services