Meet Shawnessa Devonish- Ford

Licensed Therapist, Television/ Media Expert, and Speaker 

Shawnessa empowers individuals and organizations to combat mental health challenges by encouraging them to intensely commit to their wellness journey. Her aim is to be a companion on the path of growth by aiding others in replenishing their energy and nurturing enduring resilience. 


-  Television Appearances 

-  Corporate Workshop Facilitator

-  Mental Health Consulting 

-  Event Speaking 

-  Panelist 

-  Vision Board Workshop Facilitator

Speaking Topics:

Nurturing Wellness, Self-Care, and Healing

Shawnessa motivates audience members to igniting a passion for a healthier and more balanced life. Also, she helps individuals manage burnout effectively, promoting greater productivity, and reducing turnover rates.

Love, Relationships and… Trauma 

Shawnessa empowers people to conquer unresolved trauma, enrich their relationships, and overcome survivor’s remorse. She provides support and strategies needed to combat the lingering effects of trauma. She believe that by addressing these unresolved issues, individuals can unlock their full potential and create healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

Resiliency Towards Mental and Emotional Distress in the Workplace 

Shawnessa guides teams to recognize early signs of challenges and equips them with effective strategies to combat these issues, ultimately cultivating a workplace environment that not only enhances productivity but also mitigates the risk of burnout.


“Shawnessa has a great deal of professionalism and her level of passion in her craft/helping people truly shows through. Her energy is very warm and magnetic!”

“Shawnessa was the perfect provider to achieve this task. Shawnessa’s professionalism and personable touch with our guests, did not go unnoticed. Each event was sold out, with eager participants that truly enjoyed their full experience from start to finish.”

“Her workshops are welcoming, encouraging, and provided tools I can use again.”

“Very Professional and Low Stress.”

“It was fun and you are a beautiful woman and human being. Thank you!”