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  • Meet Shawnessa

    Shawnessa Devonish is the owner of Rejuvenated Minds Therapeutic Services located in Maryland. She works primarily with millennial clients on healing from and eliminating the stigma around “Daddy Issues” or/and “Mommy Issues.” Specifically, she works with individuals on growing from past abandonment traumas that developed due to the lack of involvement and/ or alienation from a family member during childhood. She assists clients with coping with issues in relation to emotional neglect, psychological abuse, depression, anxiety, and generational trauma. She helps clients avoid allowing past history with others and present relationships from controlling your energy and impacting their peace.

    Speaking Topics:

    Abandonment Trauma and Attachment Challenges

    Abandonment traumas are a past and / or present experience that triggers distress and causes individuals to be hypersensitive to betrayal and rejection. Learn more about these abandonment wounds and how to heal from them.

    Eliminating Unhealthy Generational Patterns

    Find out about the importance as well as challenges with altering unhealthy patterns with in a family system. Understanding the strength with accepting this challenge in an effort to encourage achievement

    Entrepreneurs and Self-Care

    Empowering entrepreneurs to become more intentional and consistent about self-care practices in an effort to help them maintain an effective mental capacity to sustain a successful empire.

    Ending Stigma Around Mental Health

    There is a negative stigma about mental health lingering around African American and Caribbean Communities. Learn the importance of prioritizing emotional wellness in your healing journey.

    Speaking Engagements